REVIEW: Bakin’ and Eggs

Happy 2012!!

It’s been a crazy two weeks of holiday fun. I’ve traveled, skied, got the cold for the nth time this winter, ate like there was no tomorrow and didn’t cook at all. I left it to others to make delicious meals and I just sat back, relaxed, and pigged out.

I’ve decided I would do the occasional review of a Chicago eatery since I don’t cook everyday. A few weeks ago, thanks to Groupon, I tried a brunch restaurant in the city called Bakin’ and Eggs. It was delicious. Healthy, homey, hearty. Exactly what you want for brunch.

Here’s what I ordered:

A southwestern with potatoes, side of whole grain toast, bacon, and salsa verde.

Here’s what my brunch partner ordered:

Tuna melt (not made with mayo but with lemon zest) and homemade potato salad that was absolutely delicious.

I love Bakin n Eggs because the food truly tastes like it was homemade. It’s not overly salty or greasy – typically what you find at brunch restaurants. They also add a twist to the traditional brunch dishes like using lemon zest instead of mayo for the tuna melt. I can’t wait to go back again!


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