REVIEW: Girl and the Goat (Stephanie Izard)

There is one restaurant I always go to when my friends and family from out of town visit me in Chicago: Girl and the Goat, the restaurant by Stephanie Izard, Top Chef winner.  There is always a 2-3 month reservation wait so I make sure I reserve early.  Their menus change every so often but the past few times I have dined out at GATG in the past year, at least half of their menu had the same great dishes (my favorites are pig’s face, green beans, and wood baked oysters)

This time I tried something new: grilled octopus salad and goat empanadas. The octopus salad had the really great charred grilled taste to it, and the goat empanada was one of the crispiest empanadas I’ve tried. The sauce on the empanada was amazing (I wish I knew what it was!)

The only downside to Girl and the Goat is that a lot of their dishes taste a little over salted. After trying 5 dishes or so I felt like my palette was salted out.

P.S. the drinks at GATG are also amazing. I love chartreuse and can never find it often enough but GATG had the perfect minty/basil-y chartreuse cocktail. 🙂


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