REVIEW: Taco Joint

There is a new taco place that opened up last year called Taco Joint.  The first time I went it was their 2nd week after they opened and my review was just so-so.  I gave it a second chance a few nights ago and boy was I wrong! Not only were the tacos tasty and not dry (which is a problem a lot of tacos have), the margarita’s were deeeeelicious! Honestly one of the best I’ve had in the city. I forgot the name of the drink my date had but it had a smokey quality to it which really brought out an interesting taste to the sweet and salty margarita.

Anyway – onto the food!

Here’s the Al Pastor.

My favorite of the night – ceviche tacos.

Fish Taco! (forgot what kind of fish, but moist and flaky)

A close contender of the ceviche taco… goat. Great spicy flavor.

Saving the best for last… Elotes. SO SO SO darn good. Sweet, salty, spicey, creamy and CORN! Heaven. I would go back just for this.

Ok I lied, this margarita beat the elotes but only by a tad.

Oh, and the service at Taco Joint is awesome – the servers are really happy to be there and they just have fun while they work and it shows.

If you’re in Chicago, go check it out!


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