Sorry I have been MIA for the past few weeks.  In between Spring Break and being underwater with work I have had no time to cook, bake, or blog about anything I eat.  I was making a scrapbook with the bf the other day and our scrapbook turned into our food experiences in Chicago.  That probably says a lot about us.  One of the most memorable brunches I’ve had in the city is at a place called Elate.  It’s a restaurant at the Hotel Felix.  If you are ever in the area you MUST GO TO ELATE.  There is one thing on the menu that is to die for: Breakfast Pizza.  Sounds amazing, right? Breakfast food + pizza = my two favorite food groups.  The bottomless mimosas are also a good deal.

The pizza has a poached egg in the center, prosciutto, potatoes, and most importantly TRUFFLE.  So freakin amazing.  I just can’t eat anything without truffle.

I’ll be back with more posts soon!


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