C’est la vie

I’m back!

I know that was a super long absence… like a million years in the blogosphere world. But you know, life happened. I sipped on some cappuccinos and paired it with a wonderfully light and not-too-sweet lemon roulade at my favorite hidden gem in the City (Pierrot Gourmet – really a gem of a cafe reminiscent of a true Parisian cafe where the bakers speak francais, and they have the best selection of pastries in town); I cooked some but ate out some; I’ve discovered the Blendtec and started on a green smoothie journey; and I started a new (real) job. Wow what a mouthful! I’ve been trying to find a balance in my life where I can still do the things I enjoy. I’ve also contemplated taking this blog in a direction where I can express myself through more than just food. We’ll see if I have the guts to follow through (read: pull myself together) in the new year. For now, feast your eyes on the deliciousness that will come soon: pasta a la caprese!


One comment

  1. I’m so jealous I can’t be living in the city, exploring delicious places, and getting edgy fashion advice from you. Even sadder to realize soon I’ll be half a country away…

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