Cacio e pepe, my version

I reach for this dish every time I am craving comfort food. I love angel hair pasta above all other types (rigatoni comes in as a close second) because it’s so fluffy with the right amount of butter. While the water for the pasta is boiling (don’t forget to salt it and add some evoo), on a nonstick pan I add a tablespoon (or two) of butter, a tablespoon of evoo, and a handful of baby tomatoes on low heat, with a sprinkle of black pepper. (For more heat add some red pepper flakes). Then when I boil the angel hair, I add the minced garlic (2 tablespoons) to the butter in the pan to lightly cook it. I only boil the pasta for one minute (half the time required per the box instructions) and in the meantime add about half a cup to one cup of pasta water to my pan. I transfer the angel hair to my pan and finish off cooking it there. After the heat is off I add a generous portion of Parmesan cheese (grated) to the pasta and toss. It’s such a simple and easy recipe and satisfies your pasta craving. Enjoy!



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