Green Smoothies

I’m back on my green smoothie craze! This time with new additions: flaxseed, chia seeds, and goji berries. I’ve always wondered how people powered through the day and kept energized enough to go home after a day at work, squeeze in a work out, make dinner, eat dinner, and clean up, all without crashing on the sofa (and falling asleep while eating yet another lean cuisine for dinner… Yep guilty of that.)
Today while inadvertently roaming around Whole Foods, I discovered the ancient super foods. The above items pack a lot of good nutrients like omega 3, protein, vitamin A and natural vitamins that keep your energy up and digestive tract happy. So I’m going to test pilot a green smoothie journey on the side incorporating the seeds and berries and see if I feel any change in my body. I’m hoping to at least cut down my daily coffee consumption with these natural foods. I’ll keep you posted!





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