Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials

The North Face coat

SOREL boots

Burberry glove

Jigsaw beret hat
$74 –

Clinique face moisturizer

Having experienced the Polar Vortex, I realized that there was a point where staying warm (and alive) trumped looking fashionable. Last week while waiting for the bus my toes went numb and it took a good half hour to get them thawed! So here is my winter essentials list of items that are absolutely necessary to stay alive and fairly toasty this winter. 😉
  1. My lips get chapped every 15 minutes so I need a lip balm that stays on my lip.  This EOS lip balm does the job and also smells and tastes good.
  2. A knee length duck/goose feather down jacket with a fur hood. The hood is a must to block out the arctic winds.
  3. I’m a firm believer of the North Face fleece jacket/sweater. It is one of those versatile pieces that you can wear in the spring and fall seasons too.
  4. Waterproof/snowproof/slushproof boots are required. Especially ones that come up to your knees because let’s face it, would you want to step into a puddle of ice/snow/slush and risk the chance that it will seep into your booties?
  5.  A beanie or beret hat is useful to layer under your jacket hood to keep the extra layer of cold out!
  6. I never leave the house without my scarf and the best scarf is a thick knit snood.
  7. This Clinique moisturizer is a lifesaver for my skin.
  8. Ok, I admit, I’ve worn thermal underwear/leggings underneath my jeans on days when the weather was absolutely unbearable. And I loved it.
  9. Leather gloves with the iPhone touch capability is my new obsession. I’ve had regular gloves without the touch capability and having to take my gloves off every time I texted was  getting too annoying (especially when it is freezing outside!)

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